Fused glass art is made by cutting and placing pieces of special  glass on a glass substrate, and then firing it in a kiln so that the components fuse together.  There are two main types of fusing: tac fuse and full fuse.  In the tac fuse, the components melt sufficiently to adhere to one another, but in the full fuse the components melt into the substrate. 

The glass is carefully selected to ensure that all pieces in an assemblage have the same coefficient of expansions thus avoiding stress fractures.  Typically, this technique is used to create wall hangings table pieces and jewelry, but there are a wide range of artifacts where it can be used to appealing effect.













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Sandra's menorahs are constructed with a solid 0.5 or 0.75 thick plate glass substrate.  The designs reflect her own heritage.  They will grace and illuminate your festival of lights, whether traditional or contemporary.